Advanced Praise for How Patients Think

“The strategic approach that is presented is evidence-based and thorough, from business objectives to return on investment. The next tier of transformation that is required in healthcare is operating from a scientific basis of how patients think.  Dr. LaFountain describes the pathway for that transformation.”
— Dr. Robert Zimmerman, Vice Chair Endocrinology, The Cleveland Clinic

“A scientific approach to patient care that is long overdue.”
— Dr. Ann Partridge, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School.

“Congratulations to Dr LaFountain on raising the bar. We have been appropriately challenged to see things differently, and to do things differently. This will have a dramatic impact, not just on patients, but, on how healthcare executives go about their business.”
—Sherrin Johnson, Former Senior Director, Johnson & Johnson.

“Dr. LaFountain presents a provocative challenge to the business of healthcare and what we are aiming to achieve.”
— Gabriel McGlynn, Managing Director, Neubourg Pharma UK Ltd

“A sophisticated handling of one of the industry’s most pressing priorities.”
   —Charlotte Sibley, Former Sr VP, Shire Pharmaceuticals.

A convincing approach to the progression of new models of healthcare management.”
   —John S. Ondik, President, The Ondik Group.