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Dr. LaFountain is a cognitive scientist and healthcare strategist and a recognized industry leader in patient engagement. She is passionate about the science of behavior and is a sought after speaker on the topic at Grand Rounds CME symposium.  She has lectured at The Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins University, The Wharton School, Government agencies, and other academic and executive organizations. She chaired the international adherence conferences for several years.

Dr LaFountain is the Chief Executive Officer of Philadelphia-based consulting firm Mind Field Solutions, specializing in the application of cognitive science to health behavior.  Her business model is the application of Mind Field Diagnostics™ and Cognitive Architecture™ to significantly impact customer motivation.
Her company was described as “one to watch” by Mid-Atlantic Diamond Ventures.

Prior to establishing Mind Field Solutions, Dr LaFountain worked for AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals where she led consumer research and analytics for the oncology portfolio.  She received numerous awards for her work in understanding consumer behavior including the “Consumer Marketing Excellence” award.  She also received awards for creating new business opportunity including the “Best Commercial Innovation.” Dr LaFountain is the Past President of the Healthcare Business Woman’s Association in the Mid-Atlantic region.  She is a fellow of the American Psychological Association as well as the British Psychological Society, a member of the American Psychological Oncology Society and a scientific reviewer for the International Society for Pharmaco-economic Outcomes Research.

Dr LaFountain earned a PhD for her research in Pre-Frontal Cortex Executive Functioning which received the accolade of having “measured the immeasurable,” by Imperial College, London.  She earned her Masters of Science in Applied Psychology at the University of Ulster, Belfast, where she also earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Psychology (with honors).

Before moving to the United States, she was a lecturer at The University of Liverpool, specializing in Cognitive Neuroscience, Health Behavior, Research and Statistics. Dr LaFountain now lives in Texas with her husband Andy and five children.

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