Book cover reflectionIn How Patients Think, LaFountain presents:

A scientific platform for patient engagement

New operational models of science-based strategy

Step-by-step approach on implementation

Guidance on avoiding common pitfalls in patient strategy

Translating patient-centricity into population health

Aligned financial models to impact the bottom line


In her new book, “How Patients Think: A Science-based Strategy for Patient Engagement and Population Health” Dr. LaFountain diagnoses major gaps in the delivery of healthcare today and provides evidence-based solutions that are critical in creating a shift in population health.  She is a strong advocate for a new era of healthcare that encompasses the scientific basis of cognition as a mechanism to progress patient outcomes. Her work has been described as “providing a scientific approach to patient care that is long overdue,” by Harvard Medical School and as “a stunning innovation in healthcare” by The Cleveland Clinic.

How Patients Think is a refreshing look at the heart of healthcare­—the patient. Dr. LaFountain discusses how improvements in health and wealth are constrained by outdated approaches to patient management. She presents a scientific basis for understanding the complexities of patient decision-making regarding one of the most crippling problems facing the healthcare industry today—patient disengagement. Dr. LaFountain argues that a radical change in how we approach patient and population management is in order if we are to see measurable impact on health outcomes or costs of care. She provides a thorough review of how patient engagement can be approached using a scientific platform and presents case examples in diabetes, oncology and ADHD. She also provides tools and techniques for developing evidence-based strategies.